Accounts Receivable (A/R)



     POS/OE 4 can handle your accounts receivable.  Customers can be optionally flagged to allow A/R for that customer, and assigned a credit limit (what they are allowed to spend on A/R) and given terms - for example they agree to pay in 30 days.

On the A/R page of a customer record, you can view the A/R charges and payments for that customer, with detail as to the date of the charge, the amount charged, the amount paid, and the invoice that the charge is from and amount still due.

POS/OE 4 also supports A/R aging, where you can set up finance charges and charge them to the customer based on their terms and over-due charges.  For example, you might charge a customer a percentage fee on the amount they owe you that is over 90 days past due.

You can see at-a-glance the customers current balance (less than 30 days normally), and 3 other cycle balances (normally 30-60, 60-90, and over 90).  You are able to customize the terms or cycle days per customer if you want to have something other than 30 days - for example you might choose to use 10.

POS/OE 4 can print A/R statements suitable for mailing to the customer that will detail their outstanding charges, recent payments and recently paid-off charges.  You can even include a custom note on the A/R statement for each customer.

A/R reports can be printed (or viewed in a spread sheet), allowing you to view your A/R globally for the company, or summarize the A/R by customer or type of customer.


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