POS/OE 4 includes a fully integrated, full featured accounting system.  While it is possible to export data, there is no need to do so as the account system will support business accounting needs that are very simple all the way to multi-profit center general ledger systems.

The accounting system is connected or fully integrated with the operations and sales parts of the program.  Use the same familiar user interface to manage your accounting as you use to make sales or manage customers or employees.

The program includes a standard suggested set of GL accounts to get you started.  This is adequate for most businesses, but if you require a different GL setup you may re-define the chart of accounts for your requirements (following the basic rules of the program).

Access the chart of accounts to view your GL accounts, whether you have one set for your business or  multiple sets of accounts to support your multiple profit centers.  Profit centers can be locations, stores, departments, operations centers or similar.

In an account you can view the period (monthly) balances and total.  For example to view your shoe sales account dollars.  To see more detail for a period, click to drill down to the actual debit and credit transactions for that period.  From the list of accounts full searching, sorting and reporting functions are available.

Access to the general journal transactions - the raw debits and credits - to view what impact a particular sale or other transaction had within the accounting system.   Full searching, sorting and reporting functions are available.  Drill down functionality allows you to drill in to certain transactions - for example, the 'debit' transaction you are looking at, click to view the record that created it - invoice, AP, etc.

Your accounting system can be set to a standard year (Jan-Dec) and there is support for Fiscal Year systems.   You are not required to hard close your accounting at the end of the year or a period - you can choose to soft close and leave it open for accounting adjustments.

GL Reports such as Detail Trial Balance, Summary Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet are available.  Variations are available on certain reports such as -
The ability to consolidate accounts (group 10 cash accounts in to 1 cash account line on the report for example).
Print a report for your entire company or view a single location or department.
Include comparative and percent change numbers to see how the current report period compares to a previous period.
Options to print, generate electronic document, export to disk, view in a built in spreadsheet module, charting and more.


Support for Accounts Payable (AP) - normally your bills paid to vendors, credit cards or similar.
Create recurring AP charges (bills that occur on a regular basis).

AP Reports are available such as vendor summary and history, cash requirements, payments due and aged trial balance (with support for multiple departments for certain reports) - and custom reporting.

Support for AP Aging - define terms for a vendor and track the aging of charges for the vendor.

Print AP Checks to a standard laser or similar printer for paying vendor bills, refund to a customer payroll and more.

You may choose to book an AP Charge (a bill) and later pay the bill utilizing the AP Payment (a check) function.  Additionaly it is possible to generate a check at the same time you enter the AP Charge as a one step process.

Payroll support is available - you may print employee checks from the system and with the payroll option you can link to CheckMark Payroll (included with the option).

Costing options for inventory include: Average, LIFO or FIFO.   The inventory and sales system will calculate the normal accounting related data such as inventory asset value, COGS (cost of goods sold), revenues and expenses.

The program has extensive import and export capability throughout, and in the accounting system it is possible to export the chart of accounts, or the transactions (raw debits and credits) for use in an external program if required.  It is also possible to export summary accounting data from invoices (sales) and other tables.

Support for full open item Accounts Receivable (AR) including an aging process, customer A/R statements and optional finanance charge calculation.

Check Book Reconcile or Check Register - on-screen capability to reconcile with your bank statement as well as generate reports from this data.

Bank Transactions system allows voiding of checks, transfers between GL accounts or Bank Accounts, support for bank charges, and adjustment to accounts.

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