Appointments Calendar



Calendar Of Events


     The POS/OE 4 calendar makes it easy to set up a schedule of various events.  Quickly double click on a day to add an appointment, schedule a call or set a reminder. 

View day to day or view by week. 

Double click directly in to an event. 

Calendar view can be customized to show event summary text or codes.

Drag-and-Drop capability to move an event in the calendar.

Calendar events can span multiple days, with graphical representation.  Events can even be color coded in the calendar for easy recognition.

Reports can be generated from events for call sheets, sales or support status reports, summary schedule and more.

You can customize your own codes and define pop-up choices that you can use to categorize, prioritize and define your events.  For example, you can define a pop-up choice that can be used to define the event type: "Sales", "Support", "Reminder", etc.  These codes can be searched, sorted, and reported.

Events can even be used to track 'controlled' products.   Each time a 'controlled' product is sold, one or more events can be generated automatically.  These events can later be used for followup, tracking or reporting. 

Another example use is to have a maintenance calendar where events are scheduled to remind you when to service or maintain your equipment.


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