Communicate quickly with your customers or vendors via the POS/OE 4 software through email, fax or letter.  Send a communication from an event, customer or vendor record.   Send a communication to a list of customers or vendors such as newsletters or an announcement (email blast). 

Built in spelling and grammar checking ability. 

Electronically sign memos with an email signature (signature can be used for other communication types too) - save employee time for repetitively typing the same closing text to their communications.

Electronic faxing option is available (inquire for more information).

Powerful word processing feature for letters and faxes that allows for the creation of professional looking documents form letters and more.

There are several pages to our customer screens, all easily accessible via the tabs across the top, or using the next/previous arrows at the bottom.  These pages may contain additional information or functions if you choose to take advantage of them. 

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