Credit Card Processing

The FIRST Macintosh Point of Sale/Order Entry Program

with Integrated Electronic Credit Card Processing

****Available for both Macintosh and Windows****

Pioneers of Mac Credit Card Processing               


We have been processing credit cards on the Mac since 1988.  We understand the technology, the security requirements, and we do it well.  We are constantly making improvements as new capabilities and new techologies become available.

Wheter you need the clasic 'dial up' style processing, batch processing or super fast internet based processing POS/OE 4 can handle your needs.

POS/OE 4 is able to handle credit card processing for a single user / single station all the way up to a multiple (hundreds) of user system with multiple remote locations. 

No third party software required, all fully integrated.  We develop, deliver and support it.

If you already have a merchant account or need to get started, we can assist you in getting set up to process in POS/OE 4.

While we do support 'gateway' processors for companies that have a specific requirement to use them, our interface to process direct with the major card processing networks may allow you to save significant money on monthly fees, per transaction fees or transaction charges or rate.  Additionaly you may save on transaction float time - the time it takes for the money to arrive in your bank account.

POS/OE 4 is able to take advantage on most networks numerous security features that may also allow you to qualify for money savings.  Support for CVV (Card Security Code), Purchase Card Level II (corporate cards), Market Indicators, Customer Present Indicators, AVS Option (Address Verification) and more.

The process for the end user (employee) is simple.   Whether they are on a payment screen for a sale or order, or performing a special transaction, they simply Key or Swipe the card, and click a button (or keystroke).  Response times of 1 second are possible.

In the case of an e-Commerce transaction brought in to the system, or other transactions that require the credit card to be 'held' until processing is possible, a card can be stored securely in a document and recalled later for processing. 

Support for doing void transactions, credits, post-voice auth (captures), returns and more.

Receipts support signature line, including certain full size laser style forms.

If a customer calls and asks that you 'use the same card as last time', this is possible and we do this in a secure manner with encryption, masking and security controls.

Regarding security, did you know there are many requirements for ANY software application used by ANY merchant?    You may have noticed the terms "PCI" or "PA-DSS" or "PABP" or others.   Ultimately these programs are attempting to protect sensitive cardholder data.     For many years (even before these programs existed) we have followed best practices and have application security at multiple levels.   

Do not be mis-informed!    Any program that accepts the entry (swipe or type) of a credit card number, even if it does not store it or even if it is 'pre-encrpted' MUST follow these rules!    Even if you fall in to the lowest merchant level, you are not excluded from these rules.

There are many, many requirements, but just to name a few, POS/OE 4 ensures that cards are masked on all lists and these lists are secured on a user basis.  All card data is encrypted and truncated, or not stored at all.  Receipt print-outs meet the requirements for masking and required information.  All data transmission utilizes high level SSL or other encryption as required by the processor.


If you are a current customer we can also offer consulting services regarding the security of your system as a whole, including network and operations to help ensure you are following best practices for PCI.


Please contact us for the list of credit card processing networks currently supported.

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