Sales, Accounting, Keywords, Recommended Items


     The fourth inventory tab displays quick daily sales information - simply scroll the daily sales list box to see by date the number sold, dollars and other information.  This box can be expanded to a larger view which also enables viewing of more data and other time frames such as week, fiscal week or month.   The lists columns are clickable for sorting and this sales data is also available for report generation.
The required/recommended items box can be utilized to define items that are either required or recommended when this item is placed on a sale document.   If the item is optional, the sales rep can choose to notify the customer ("AA batteries are recommended for this item, would you like any?").   If the item is required, it will automatically be added to the sale document - for example, selling a kitchen lighting fixture requires a #123 ballast.
The keywords box will show the current search keywords defined for this item.   Keywords are a powerful and fast way to find product, when searching for an item you can type one or more keywords and even use partial keywords.  Keywords are generated automatically by the software when you add items and you have the flexibility to change/delete them or add more at any point.
The catalogs box  allows you to track catalogs (or other advertising sources).  You can enter the page and name of the catalog  (or other coding) where the item is located to help keep track of item advertising.  Reports can be generated or you may want to simply look up where this item has been advertised.







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