Serial Numbers, Vendors, Locations


The Third tab of the inventory record allows access to view serial number information, extra vendors, extra BIN's and Location information.
The Serial Numbers information box allows quick viewing of serial number history and status.  It will display the document numbers and dates that the serial number came in to and out of inventory.  It also displays if the serial number is allocated to an open order.   Serial numbers are commonly used to track items of high value or that are unique.  It is possible to track serial numbers for multiple products sold as a bundle - for example, when selling a camera package, the camera and the lens both have a serial number.
The system also supports LOT number generation and tracking - for example for tracking groups of product that have unique lot numbers for government reporting or similar.
You can add additional vendors or suppliers in to the vendors box.   Each vendor can have it's own purchase cost, item number and description for the purchase order.
BIN locations are shelves, boxes or similar.   This box allows you to expand on the primary BIN location provided on the first tab.
View and track inventory status at multiple Locations.  A location can be a store, warehouse, ship or truck container or similar.  Avilable stock, physical stock, order allocation and re-ordering requirement are tracked.  You can define re-order point and maximum stock criteria per location for the item.

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