Costing, Movement, Pictures, Web Data



 The sixth inventory tab displays inventory movement data.  Movement records are created when an item enters the system - for example when you receive an item from a vendor.  Items are 'used up' when you sell them or transfer them out.   You can view a archive history of how items came in, when that group was used up, and what is currently in the system from the point of view of receiving.
Cost numbers can be viewed from this screen - the average cost (average cost of items received), purchase cost (cost that is used when placing a purchase order) and total cost (what you have in stock).  Previous or last purchase and average cost numbers are also displayed.    You can also see cost 'in' numbers in the individual movement records.   If you need more powerful analysis or reporting, costing information is contained in the receiving documents, invoices and accounting data.  The system support Average, FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) costing.

A picture of the item can be stored in the item record that can be viewed here or from the order/sale screens.  This picture can also be used in certain reporting or label printing functions.   

This area is also where you gain access to the web fields - there are a number of fields that are used for eCommerce web store hosting, for example web short, medium and long descriptions (html enabled), picture file name/path, meta tags for SEO, alternate categories, features products, fine tuning of attribute pop-up menus in the store and more.


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