Light Manufacturing, Jobs, Time Card



POS/OE 4 has a powerful multi-level bill of materials (light manufacturing system) built in.

Simply define your raw materials and your final build item in the inventory system, then utilize the package make function to build the end product item, expending the raw materials.

Multiple level builds are possible by defining items that are made up of raw materials, then this item can be used as a raw material in a larger build.   There is no limit to the number of levels of build.

The package make system even supports 'breakup' of items - for example, you may have a 'case' item of connectors and only 1 connector is required to build your package, but there are no individual connectors are in stock.   The system can break up the 'case' item, taking 1 case out of stock and put 100 connectors in to stock, 1 of which is to be used in the build.   There are other ways to configure breakup.


When you start a build, you choose what package (item) you want to create.  The select screen will display what is currently in stock and how many items you are able to create based on the materials available.  




When you have selected a package to build, the next screen will display the raw materials required for the build.  

The list will display the quantities required and show you if there are any issues such as you are short on a specific raw material.

From this list you can also print a 'build report' or 'build list' or even print custom reports.





The final step in building is the actual document that will display the raw materials being expended (as negative quantities) and the final product coming in to stock (positive quantity).

It is possible at this point to fine-tune customize the quantities, costs or items/raw materials.

After the build is complete, it is possible to generate reports on items, quantitites, costs, and more.



Time Card  

The time card function can be utilized to track employee time.  The employee can log in or out for the day, a break or for lunch.

This information can be analyzed via reporting, for example to calculate employee hours to calculate pay or other benefits.


Job Tracking

The time card system also has  job or project tracking capabilities.  For example, you can define job types and allow the employee to start and stop jobs.

You can analyze and report job status, time spent on a job, and more.



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