The powerful CRM capabilities of POS/OE 4 can help you stay informed and in-touch with your prospects, customers and clients.


     Whether you need to store basic customer information that is easy to use, or you want to take advantage of the additional fields and functions available, POS/OE 4 can meet your needs.

In high speed environments, simple data may be entered or scanned (drivers licenses).  For retail/point of sale, entering customer data is not even required if you choose. 

For more powerful tracking and reporting, enter more information to categorize your customers for searching and reporting.  Information such as keywords can be entered to allow quick at-a-glance categorization, for example what trade show you met this customer at, or what mailing list they are a member of.

Stay in touch by utilizing the additional contact choices - additional phones (with international format support), multiple email addresses and more, all easily created utilizing pop-up menus or via drag and drop through the Telephony option.  Extension number, name or even notes may be stored for each contact type, so it is clear for your employees.  Multiple ship-to addresses are supported for use on orders or invoices and can be selected with a simple click interface.  It is even possible to link separate customer records together for mailing list, shipping or billing purposes.

Keep your customer list clean with our duplicate customer scanning routines, and prevent duplicates in the first place with our intuitive last name / company duplicate check feature.    This feature will present you with a list of duplicates, for example if you type a company name that already exists, allowing you to choose the existing customer instead of adding a duplicate.

Flags are available for use in the customer, some of which will change based on the activity for the customer.   These flags can be searched and reported on.  For example, one flag is the 'Prospect' check box.  A customer is flagged as a 'Prospect' when first created, and when they purchase something this flag is cleared.

The 'Problem' flag can be checked by you, or is checked by the system when certain issues arise with the customer such as overdue A/R.  If this flag is checked, the employee will receive an alert during order/invoice entry that the problem flag is set.  They may optionally view the customer notes at this point where there may be detail as to what the problem is ('do not take checks from this customer').   The employee may also choose to view customer notes at a later point that is more convenient while entering the sale.

POS/OE 4 can automatically fill in profile a profile field, which will contain quick at-a-glace codes to track type of products purchased.   In Addition there is a fast 'sales history' pop-up viewing that will allow you to see all of the actual items the customer has purchased and single-click sort by date, item, price or more.   This can be useful if you need to determine quickly if a customer purchased a certain product or service while they are on the phone or in person.

A number of fields are able to have pop-up choices defined, allowing for easy selection of standard values.   For example, the referral source field can be used to track how the customer initially found you (catalog, web, show).  You may pre-define choices such as 'E.E.S. Web Site', for consistent and quick data entry.

You may assign a customer to a 'discount level' group, which can mean they get a simple percentage discount, or if you  may utilize one of our other discounting systems to give them specific pricing, quantity pricing or discount, and even customize pricing down to a particular customer receives a discount on a certain product, class of product or vendor.

POS/OE 4 has the ability to print letters, mail merge, print labels (dedicated printer or laser), reports, navigate report information in a spreadsheet style format, export to disk, and more.   Each of these functions is designed to be easy to use, and at the same time very powerful and flexible.

There are several pages to our customer screens, all easily accessible via the tabs across the top, or using the next/previous arrows at the bottom.  These pages may contain additional information or functions if you choose to take advantage of them. 

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