Multi Windowing


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Depending on your preferences, there is usually more than one way to navigate the software.   There are normally methods of accessing functions via button point and click interface, menu bar pull down options, keyboard shortcut keystrokes and support for multi-windowing / multi-processing.

The Main Button Screen (shown above) is a button style point and click interface that allows quick and easy access to the major functions of POS/OE 4.  Single click access to search and create customers, orders, invoices, quotes, inventory, and purchase orders.   Start retail sale mode (Fast Cash), a receiving or a transfer.   

All of these functions are also available via menu bars at the top of the screen for menu style navigation.


The Floating Menu Palette allows you to keep multiple windows open (Multi-Windowing).

This is similar to a menu style navigation, but allows for multi-tasking.

Allow your employees to open multiple windows to multi-task. For example, when doing a sale, if a customer wants to find another item, the employee can complete another sale in a different window.










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