The following are additional screen shots of menu palette drop down menus.

The menu palette offers the ability to use a menu style navigation, and enables the user the ability to have multiple windows or functions open at the same time.






   Quickly switch between windows that are open or hidden.  (hide a window with a single click)











Shown below are tiled windows opened via the menu palette.

Behind the modify customers window is the calendar of events showing the appointments, sales calls, or follow-up calls this employee needs to make.  

Behind the appointments window is a order screen (a sale in progress). 

Behind the Add Order window is the telephony option which shows incoming phone calls. 

It is possible to drag and drop a phone call from the telephony window to an order to link the order to a customer record.   Caller ID data can also be added (drag-drop/simple click) to the modify customer window. Other drag and drop functionality is available when multi-windowing.

If there are too many windows open, you can simply hide one or more or use the window menu to switch between them.










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