eCommerce / Internet / Web Hosting Options and Solutions

  • Web Order Processing - this option enables a suite of internet capabilities for POS/OE 4:
    • Receive your internet eCommerce orders, quotes, customers, guest book or inquiries in to your system without having to re-key them.  Create customers in the database or link to existing customers with duplicate checking. Detailed documentation and sample order files and templates are included with purchase of this option. Orders have been sent from ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl, WebDNA, CGI, and more.
    • Send email to your customers or vendors.  Send documents such as purchase orders (PDF ability on OS X), sales orders or invoices (including tracking numbers). 
    • eMail Newsletters, annoucements, alerts and more to keep your customers informed. 
    • Support for multiple email templates including HTML email capability - you can customize the email templates.
    • Individual or group email capability for documents and customers allow you to send a message to a single customer, or have multiple mailing lists.
  • Encryption Key System for Web Order Processing
    • Secure your web order processing data with an encryption key system.   It is important to ensure that your customers data is secure from the point they type it in to their browser all the way in to your business software and that it stays secure, especially for PCI compliance.   This option will allow POS/OE 4 to receive strong encrypted sensitive data during the web store to POS/OE 4 data transfer, a common weak point in most software packages.  
  • Web Push Option
    • Update your web store with a simple 'push'.  
    • With a few simple clicks, transfer your inventory, category/class, static web content and other supported data to your web store.
    • File and Network based push options available.   Much simpler and more integrated than standard 'export' (we of course do have export capability if you need it).
    • No need to be a 'web admin' or 'web master' - set up your items and information in the system you use every day and simply push them to update your store!
    • Works with our SimbaWeb Hosting Service or certain Zen and OSCommerce systems.
  • Live Links Secure Real-Time POS/OE 4 Interface
    • Your web site can communicate real time with your POS/OE 4 system via our LiveLinks GateWay service.   This service can scale from simple lookups of a single field to extensive data exchange in to and out of the database.  Any web site that supports standard tcp socket communication (php, asp, webdna, etc.) can utilize the LiveLinks technology.  We provide documentation and sample code (php) to get your started.  Contact us for details.
  • HOSTING Services  (SimbaWeb)
    • We offer several levels of hosting services - host your static or dynamic web site, eCommerce web store, or other custom internet application on our state of the art servers, in our secure, reliable location.   Contact us to discuss your needs and for details.
  • Web Design, Web Application Hosting & Setup
    • We can help design, install or customize your web site or web application with our knowledgeable staff


  • Special Scenarios

We specialize in finding solutions to difficult business problems.   Please contact us to discuss your specialized need.

Custom Kiosk - if you already have a Kiosk system (or need one), it may be possible to have your data come in from your kiosk system to the POS/OE 4 system.





Shipping Options

  • Generic Manifest
    • Send your shipment data to various shipping company systems - for example, certain UPS Worldship or FedEx configurations.  The shipping data can be sent to csv, potentially read by other systems (for example, some 3rd party software or other carriers). 
    • Tracking number import from external software (for example UPS or FedEx system)
    • Shipping Labels are printed using the UPS or FedEx (or other) system with the sales and customer data sent from POS/OE 4.
    • An example: create your orders in POS/OE 4, send the shipment data to your UPS system, print the label and book the shipment, and send the tracking number information back in to POS/OE 4 for future use.
    • Shipping Live Internet Lookups
      • UPS, FedEx and USPS options available
      • Rates Lookups - with the click of a button, view a rate table comparing the different shipping options available (even multi-carrier) and their costs for the order (rates pulled live from the internet!).
      • Tracking Lookups - quickly view the package tracking information for an order with a tracking number.
      • Fine tune your internet rate lookups by choosing to use your disounted rate, or retail rate.   Specify various custom options for the carriers for packaing, pickup and more.   Support for adding handling, flat fees, percentage mark-ups and more. 
      • Domestic and International support. 


Credit Card Processing

  • Credit Card Merchant Set Up Option (per machine) - Enable a single user or single client to process credit cards on one of our supported networks.
  • Credit Card Server Option - Enable an entire multi-user system to process credit cards (you can specify which clients are allowed).   Credit card server is recommended for more than five card processing stations and sends all the cards to be processed from the stations to a central credit card server POS/OE 4 Client station dedicated for this purpose.
  • Credit Card Batch Processing Option allows credit card transactions to be entered in an offline environment and processed as a group (batch) later. 


  • Direct processing on major credit card networks eliminating the use of third party gateways, saving money on gateway fees.  We do also support certain gateways if you require it.  If you do not have a merchant account or want to explore switching, we can provide information to assist with this process.
  • Multi-Card Network Support - In a single POS/OE 4 system it is possible to support multiple credit card networks.  For example, if you have multiple locations, multiple DBA's or merchant accounts you can optionally have a credit card merchant setup for each (tied to a POS/OE 4 dept record).
  • Secure and fast internet based credit card processing as well as dial up available (dial back-up option available).
  • Security and Money Saving features:  CVV/CID/Security Code, Purchase Card Level II, Customer Present Swipe (Retail) Support
  • Address Verification Option Available
  • POS/OE 4 supports secure standards in following best practices for PCI and PA-DSS such as credit card masking, protected/hidden/encrypted data.  Multiple levels of program security and more.
  • Private label credit card processing (JCB and some others) and magnetic card / swipe reading.
  • We also sell the credit card hardware!
  • Support for certain 3rd party credit card software on Windows (or simply use our built in processing).

 Gift Cards, Drivers Licenses, Custom Cards:

  • "No Fee" Gift Cards Option
    • This option will allow you to accept your own company branded gift cards without paying a fee to an external card processing company. 
    • EES can provide the high quality full two sided color gift cards (scan enabled), contact for more information.
    • If you already have your own gift cards, contact us, POS/OE 4 may already be able to support them, or we can look at what it will take.
  • Drivers License Scanning Option
    • Quickly identify existing or enter new customers by scanning their drivers license.  Contact us for details.


Multiple Locations, Trade Shows

  • Log your remote stores in to your main server, whether they are 5 feet or 500 miles (or more) away for truly REAL TIME multi-location support. Contact us for details.
  • Inter-store polling system available to support separate locations that are not connected real-time. The separate locations are individual stores that a corporate (main) location will communicate with nightly to transfer customer, sales and other data. This is a two-way system. Contact us for deails.
  • Back Up Servers - Allow your single or multi-user remote locations/stores to fail-over to their own "LAN" system, allowing them to continue to make sales.   Later this information can be incorporated in to the main system.
  • Trade Show polling system to transfer data back (one-way) to the main server - normally used for entering customer data (CRM), purchasing data and sales at a trade show or at a temporary 'laptop sales cart' or similar. A fresh copy of the data file is taken at the start of a trade show.


Customer, CRM, Telephony


  •  Phone Server Option (Telephony Server) - integrate your phone system with POS/OE 4 to display caller information, log calls, improve CRM and Telemarketing.  See calls real-time on client machines as they come in.   Identify who answered the call, who the customer is, drag and drop capability and more.
  • US Zip code look-up option - speed data entry by having state/city entered automatically after typing the customer zip code (the program can even tab directly to the zip code field).  Yearly subscription zip code data updates also available.


Inventory, Bar Code Printing and Scanning

  • Barcode Fonts - for printing barcodes on documents, inventory labels, customer ID cards and more - support for normal laser style printers or purchase a dedicated high speed barcode printer (more information on the hardware page).


Other Options

  • Payroll option - CheckMark payroll - integrates with our accounting system.
  • Technical Support - responsive technical support staff to help you with your system via phone, fax or email.  Premium support options including remote access available allowing even more hands-on help. 
  • Training available based on your needs - training at our location, your location or via web conference.  Whether you want training on single function, or an involved multi-person multiple day training, contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Custom forms, reports or other program customizations - We can design the report for you, or if you are looking for a change to a screen, a new funtion, or a custom form, contact us with details and we will discuss it with you.


  • iPhone access and other Portable Devices - Please see the hardware page.
  • Retail hardware, receipt printers, credit card readers, barcode scanners, portable barcoding, cash drawers, ticket printer support and more also on the hardware page.




  ** Please contact us for details on the options above, or if there is something you do not see  508-653-6911  **



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