Centralized access to customer orders, invoices and payments.




     Quick view of a customers orders, quotes, and invoices from a customers record, or double click on an order/quote/invoice to get a complete and detailed view. 

Check a customers payment history, see when payments were made and what type of payment it was.

One-click access to tracking numbers from the customer screen.  Tracking numbers may also be viewed from the actual invoice containing the tracking number(s).

The POS/OE 4 interface allows for centralized access to information, so it is simple to view information if you happen to be in a customer record, you may choose to view various historical sales and order information right from this same screen.  If you prefer, you may also access the sales and order information via our multi-windowing and powerful searching screens.


There are several pages to our customer screens, all easily accessible via the tabs across the top, or using the next/previous arrows at the bottom.  These pages may contain additional information or functions if you choose to take advantage of them. 

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