Bundling, Packaging, Grouping, Manufacturing


The second tab of the item record provides additional item detail and the ability to setup features.

Bundles allow you to define a group of separate inventory items in your database that can be sold together as one item with it's own price.  Bundles do not have to be pre-built, and stock checking happens at the time of sale.   For example, you can define a 'special holiday computer bundle' that includes several different inventory items in your database - a mouse, keyboard, monitor and cpu.  You can give the special bundle it's own price.   You can choose to allow the customer to see only the single special bundle line item on their sale document or enable them to see all the detail.

Packages are part of the Light Manufacturing / Bill Of Materials system.  They are the end product that is made.  You can define the inventory items or raw materials that make up this package and quantity of each.  Multi-level builds are supported, for example you can define a package made up of parts and that package can be used as a part in another package.  There is no limit on the number of levels.  The program tracks the cost through the manufacturing process and it is fully integrated in to the built in accounting system.

Items can be flagged so they are not able to be sold or require a password to be sold.

Set up shipping specifications for the item such as weight, width, length, height, shipping flat dollar amount and special like code/count for defining whether items can be shipped together.  There are many ways to configure shipping within the system, contact us for more details.

Define auxilliary descriptions based on 'language constant codes' - for example, you can define that an item has a description in fresh, english or spanish.

Auxilliary item ID's allow you to have different 'identities' for an item - you can define a different item number, label, description and more.  This is useful if you advertise items with different item numbers and/or descriptions in various catalogs or magazines for example.

View and set up royalty amount and payee for the item for consigned goods.

The item can be set up as 'controlled', which will allow tracking event records to be generated.  Later these events can be searched and reported.   You can also use these events as follow-up for customer satisfaction, post-sales or similar.

Several 'flag' check box fields can be used as additional categorization or to specify that the item is used in the web push option, ticketing system and others.

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