Receiving Items



 Receiving documents are used to bring inventory quantity in to the system.   A receiving can be created manually by keying in items, or via wired or portable barcode scanning. 

It is also possible to import receiving data from file - for example if a vendor sends the information in text format.

If you have previously placed a purchase order in the system, simply scan, choose or type the PO number and the line items will automatically populate. 

Receive in serial numbered items or Lot numbers - for example to track a group of items identified by a code for government or similar reporting.  Numbers can be generated by the system, manually entered or barcode scanned.  Later you can search or report on serial numbers to track when a number came in to the system, when it left (who it went to), or even when it came back in through a return or similar.

The system support multiple locations or warehouses.   You can receive your stock directly in to a store (at the store or from corporate), or receive it in to a warehouse and transfer the stock to the store later.   Multiple locations can be handled on the same document - receive stock in to three different warehouses or stores at the same time.

Visual indicators show the user if there are any issues with the receiving document - if an item is over or under received, the coloring of the line will change or indicators will display on the document showing there is an issue with the quantity that was ordered initially versus the quantity being received for example.

Include notes on the document to be viewed on screen or document output - special instructions for the stock personnel for example.

Generate powerful reporting and analysis of the receiving or transfer data - charts, reports, exports and more.   Generate a report showing quantity and cost of an item over time from a vendor.   Analyze the number and value of receivings generated by specific employees.   View a report of which vendors are the most active in dollars.  There are many more reporting possibilities with the POS/OE 4 customizible reporting system.

You may not only track value or tangible items, but also optionally receive in service items, often for use in tracking seats, class rooms, meeting rooms or similar.  POS/OE 4 has the capability to support ticketing (including ticket printing to dedicated ticket printers), reservation tracking, scheduling and more.

Cost information can be hidden for specific employees for security.

Tax, Shipping, Handling are handled and can track through to Accounts Payable (AP).


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