Gift / Bridal Registry



     The gift registry page of the customer record allows you to see the items that are in the gift registry for this customer.  A gift registry can be used to allow a customer to pick out product they wish to receive as gifts for events such as a wedding, baby shower, birthday or it can even be used as a generic purchasing or wish list.

This screen will allow you to see all of the items on the registry, only the items that have been purchased or only the items that are still in need of purchase.  You can see item details, quantity wanted and purchased.

The registry can be categorized, so it is possible to have multiple registry types in your system.

You can print the registry, or even print a thank you list for the customer.


There are several pages to our customer screens, all easily accessible via the tabs across the top, or using the next/previous arrows at the bottom.  These pages may contain additional information or functions if you choose to take advantage of them. 


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