Reporting, Querying with

Report Generator and Query Editor




  • Use the quick search screens throughout the program, or for more complex searches use the query editor.
  • Powerful ability to combine multiple fields, logic, and use partial string searches.
  • Save a query that can later be loaded for convenient access.







  • Save custom reports, queries, labels, etc. for future use and easy access. 
  • "Super reports" are available for the advanced user, supporting custom graphical layouts, advanced formulas, and more. 
  • Easily create custom reports, column based, support for table querying, and custom formulas.  
  • Choose from hundreds of modifiable standard reports.
    • Provides increased flexibility and versatility for the development of truly customized solutions.
    • Powerful list reports.
    • Cross-tab reports.
    • Step by step report wizard which makes report building faster and easier.
    • Allows for output to HTML.
    • Picture may be inserted into headers and footers.
    • Ability to alternate row colors on reports.
    • End of day reconciliation reports by department: Automatic and up-to-date.
    • Best seller report (top products): See your hottest selling products for any time period, location, product class, and more!
    • Income/sales by month report: Better organized for number crunching and purchase analysis.
    • Sales history reports can be broken down by period, location, product class, and more.
    • Monthly and daily sales tracking file - even more reporting possibilities.


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