Retail - Point of Sale


POS/OE 4 has complete Retail Point of Sale functionality.    Our primary retail screen is named "Fast Cash" as it implies, it is fast, easy, yet it does not sacrifice capability.

Imagine a system that utilizes standard computer hardware that is easy to set up, yet fast and powerful.   No need for proprietary computer systems, use a 'cool' looking Macintosh, a Windows machine (or even a mix)!

For an average retail station, the cashier would perform a simple log-in process in the morning, and within seconds is ready to process a sale.

We offer barcode scanners to speed entry - the system is able to handle high-volume fast paced enviornments.  Keyboard and other entry methods are still allowed to handle exceptions.

After the customer items are scanned or entered, the employee can finish the sale with quick payment via cash, check, credit card, store credit, gift card and other methods.  It is possible to mix methods - for example partial cash and partial credit card.

The receipt will begin to print to retail receipt printers we offer or if you prefer, to full sized laser style printed forms.  Gift receipts can also be printed.

The cash drawer we offer can automatically open (if required).   (manual drawer open via software is possible, and can be password protected)

The employee is ready for the next sale.    The entire fast cash process is possible without ever touching a mouse.


More complex requirements are possible with some of the other features:

Alert the rep of an item not being in stock with an audible alert or even enforce stock availability for an item to be sold (fast cash does not normally require stock check as the item is being placed on the counter).

Password protection for certain functions is possible -  for example returns, discounting or manual credit card authoizations.

When doing a return, a simple item selection interface is presented making returns easy but also adding a layer of protection to your business.  Safeguards are in place for returns without receipts (password required).    For example, a customer can walk in an give you their receipt.   With the barcode option, the barcode on this document can be scanned to start the return process for the document.    The employee is presented with a list of the items that can be returned and choose which items are returned.   Any additional items or other changes may be made, and the return is completed by processing payment (refund the card, give cash, gift card, etc.).  It is also possible to type in the invoice number if you do not have the bar code, or even search for the invoice by other methods.

If you have multiple stores or locations you can set the system to display only the product available to that location, or even restrict sale of product by location.

There are many discounting systems available - percentages, break points, flat pricing based on customer type, give a specific customer a specific discount, apply temporary discounts for groups of items, time based discounting, vendor/item/customer specific discounting and more.   Certain discounting can be protected to help prevent employee mistakes.



While a customer is not required to finish a fast cash retail sale, it is possible to find or add a customer.

The customer entry screen is simplified yet still offers power including the ability to add a ship-to address if required.  If you need more capability in terms of the customer or sale document, it is a simple action to change the fast cash in progress to a 'Full Invoice' or even a 'Full Order' (Back Order/Lay-Away).

You may choose to have your fast cash start right up in item entry mode, or prompt the employee for a customer before item entry or choose to prompt the employee for a customer after the items have been entered.




The fast cash payment screen allows multiple or split payment types including cash, check, credit card, store credit, the built in gift card / store card option and more.

A credit card can be swiped at the payment screen or the item entry screen.

The customer can be automatically linked to the sale based on the name on card or by scanning a customer membership card.


At the end of the day, the employee can utilize the Count Drawer function to balance their drawer and print a drawer slip.

You may also allow the employee to view their Register Totals - for example to see how they are doing for the day.


There are many other POS/OE 4 features and information on this site!

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