Client Success Stories Using
POS/OE 4 Software




Jax Mercantile Co.


Jax Mercantile Co.

    I started looking for a new POS system after 15 years on a Mac POS system that really did not support multi site.  We were operating three stores each on its own database with no central control. The thought of another store was more chaos then I could imagine.  I  wanted to stay Mac based but needed a system that would provide a foundation upon which we could grow and recognize some efficiencies of scale.  I looked at every option I could find.  OE4 (as we call it) was clearly the most comprehensive system I found.  Implementing it was a monumental task considering the size and magnitude of our business.  However the support via phone and ARD was unbelievable!  I had never expected someone from a software company to put forth the time, effort and dedication that Hank and his team did to get us up and running with minimal interruption of our business.  We converted and integrated 3 stores representing 225,000 sku's and 70,000 customers into one new 4D database.

    Today we have an integrated central office that handles purchasing, marketing, HR and accounting for 3 brick and mortar stores, one internet site, and one distribution center.  We will be opening a forth store this fall.  If we had not converted to OE4 this would not have been possible. While the software is not perfect, it has been a major advance for our company.

    Most importantly Hank and his team work continuously to enhance this software.  We have now been on the system 2 1/2 years and we are still not using all the features that are currently available.  Countless special features and enhancements we have requested have been added.  Frequently we have received updates on a weekly basis.  I cannot say enough about the quality of support and openness to improve this very in depth application.  I expect this software to support our business for a long time to come.

    I do not hesitate to give EES companies OE4 software an exceptional recommendation.

James Quinlan, President



ClounNine Pajamas


CloudNine Pajamas


     CloudNine is a single location retail clothing store located in Edmonton, Canada. 

     Our volume of business was such that we decided to investigate out-of-the-box systems that could manage our inventory, act as a POS system and offer integrated accounting.  Our system requirements proved to be challenging, as we looked for over 1.5 years for a solution without success.  A few of our key issues were landed cost for inventory, an item matrix to address the size/colour issue common with apparel, the ability to support multiple locations as we grow,  support CRM (Customer Resource Management), and of course, the system needed to  fit within our budget.

     It was apparent through on-line demonstrations that POS/OE 4 was very powerful and easily addressed our business requirements without customization.

     After checking with POS/OE reference accounts we made the decision to purchase the software.  Since that decision the staff at EES has been extremely supportive and helpful to ensure we understand the product and know how to use it.  Though their Annual Maintenance & Support contract is optional it is well worth the investment and we strongly recommend it.

     We have never been disappointed with the performance of the software or the support from EES’s staff. 

     POS/OE 4 has become a valuable business tool that is helping us now and will allow us to grow in the future.

               Bill Stowe
               CloudNine Pajamas







Big Country Supply


Big Country Supply

    "As a small but growing company looking to the future I purchased a UNIX-based computer system and software with some custom development before POS/OE 4. It was supposed to be expandable and upgradeable with ease and it was projected to be a minimum 6-8 year solution. The reality was that after only 9 months we found ourselves at a maximum throughput capacity of the system, consultant dependent, with no way out. When our sales were just topping over $1,250,000.00 our management problems related to the wholly inadequate computer system almost put us out of business.

    I began an exhaustive search for suitable software. Because of existing hardware I looked at products that ran under UNIX, DOS, Windows, OS-2 and Concurrent DOS. As my frustration level was reaching dangerous levels I noticed the EES ad in the back of Mac User Magazine. I was desperate and since we had a Mac that we did some publishing on I decided to try the demo. What I found was what seemed to be a versatile system with a reasonable quantity of the items I needed. After talking with EES I found that they seemed willing to help and I liked their rather unique approach to upgrades. After checking with some references and reworking my budget to buy all new hardware I decided to give the product a try.

    I am convinced that I have purchased a very flexible and capable system. EES has been very responsive both to feature requests and requests for assistance. No product is perfect but POS/OE 4 Mac is the best I found in the under $50,000.00 class for 10 users and it rivals some I have seen well over that. The EES staff is constantly striving to make POS better and since using it, I've seen many worthwhile additions. New employee training takes much less time & effort. I am no longer consultant dependent and my company is back on the road to growth and quality customer service that could not be supported by lesser more restrictive systems.

    I strongly recommend the POS/OE 4 Mac software. I also recommend the annual maintenance contract. It's worth it just for the Tech Support so I consider the upgrades a bonus."

                Van Ligon, General Manager