Transfers are used to move inventory quantity in the system.  For example, you may want to move items from a warehouse to a store, or between two stores.  You can move stock in to special designated categorizations such as 'demo stock' or 'repair' or others.   Your locations may represent rooms, shelves, stores, warehouses, shipping containers, or even countries.   The program additionally supports BIN for additional inventory location tracking.

An Inter Location transfer document is an easy way to transfer items from one location to another - it supports the use of portable barcode scanner, keyboard or file to enter inventory lines. 

Specify the location the stock is coming from and going to with the ability to customize the locations on a line by line basis (transferrig to multiple stores).

Optionally save the transfer to disk and send the transfer document to the destination location allowing them to receive in the transfer electronically when the stock arrives.   Or you may choose to auto receive the transfer immidately - instantly transferring the stock out and receiving it back in to the new location.




Auxilliary Transfer documents are more general purpose and can also be used to transfer stock between locations, but also support transfers for other purposes such as transferring stock back to vendor, loss (inventory reduction), or other purposes.

Add document notes shown at the bottom of the document, or line item notes that show below each item on certain document outputs.

The transfer of serial numbered items is supported.

Hide cost fields on the screen and certain documents to control what information your employees have the ability to see.   Cost is very sensitive information in some companies, and it is possible to restrict the ability to view it on various screens and documents for specific employees.  

This is the serial number screen for a transfer.   It is similar to the serial number entry screen for receivings, orders and sale documents.   Serial number entry can be required by item, at receiving and/or at time of sale.

It allows serial numbers to be entered via keyboard, barcode, portable scanner or picked from an existing list of serial numbers in the system for the item.

If there are serial numbers required for the document, they will display here.

You can hide items that already have serial numbers entered, show all of them or pick specific items to show.

If you are creating your own serial numbers you can generate a sequential group of numbers, for example   1900002 through 1900030.     You can also generate a group of the same number - a lot number - for example lot number AB888CX (300 of them).


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