Vendor Tracking



Vendors are records that are normally used to track who you receive a particular product from -  suppliers or service providers to your business.   The most common example is XYZ vendor supplies your widgets.  You place purchase order documents, receive in inventory and potentially transfer inventory, all linked to XYZ vendor.

There are other vendor types, for example to represent service companies (window washing) or even credit cards for accounts payable (AP) bill tracking.   You can even create vendors representing your own company (or related companies) for inventory or asset transferring or tracking purposes.

You may create vendors by simply creating a record and keying in the required information - name and account number/identifier, even on the fly for example while adding an inventory record, purchase order or receiving.  You can also import vendor data (as well as other types of data such as inventory).


Optionally take advantage of the other features available for vendors:

Contact information, address, extra contacts such as 'credit contacts', phone numbers, email addresses.  This information can be used to search for the vendor, be viewed on screen, included on reports and can be used on certain documents.

Blanket PO number - if the vendor assigns a specific PO number to be used each time you place an order with them.

Accounts Payable (invoice or bill from the vendor) Terms (pay in 30 days for example) and Discount calculation - 2% 10 Net 30 for example, including support for PROX type calculations.  You can also specify minimum order and credit limit numbers for the vendor.

Currency conversion support - your items and accounting data are in your currency (for example US Dollars), but you place orders with this vendor in Euro Dollars.   The purchase order to the vendor will display their currency, and when you receive the product in the costing will be in your currency.  Support for loaded, loading and other variations.

Support for multiple vendor ship-to addresses, for example if orders are placed to one address and stock is transferred to a different address for repair.

Generate quick contact reports (vendor names and phone numbers), address labels, or other custom report or label needs you may have.   Vendor analysis for AP, orders placed, and much more.  View the information on screen, to electronic document or paper.

If a vendor is not going to be used for an extended period, they can be flagged inactive, hiding them from most search screens.

Keywords can be assigned for easier searching - for example, assign a keyword of "Outdoor" to several vendors to find all the vendors that sell outdoor products.    Assign a keyword of "spring" to bring up the list of vendors that you want to contact in the spring to request information on their new product lines.   You can even send an email to the vendor right from POS/OE 4 or make a Skype call with a button click!

You can also search for vendor records by name, phone number, credit contacts or any other field - even using partial values, for example search for ABC vendor using just the letters "AB".

Vendors are also tied in to the Events sytem - for example, you can create an event record that contains a topic and notes - the event can also be accessed via the calendar.  For example, you have an issue with a product that requires service from the vendor - you transfer the product and create an event.  You decide to followup in 30 days (a Monday).   You see in your calendar on Monday (30 days later) that you have an event - you open the event and can review the details and actions required.   You may update the event with additional notes, and either move the event forward for future followup, assign it to a different employee or mark it complete.

Inventory items can have multiple vendors - for example you may buy the same product from multiple vendors (more information in the inventory pages).


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