Easily access customer sales statisics, contact history, and more.


     The second page of the customer record will allow you to quickly view sales statistics such as dates and dollars of the last sale, year to date sales and total sales or returns.   You may also access this information via our powerful reporting capabilities if you want to view it in more detail, or a different way.

Quick access to customer events are on this screen.   Events are a multi-purpose record that are tied to the customer, and allow you to store or track information such as information on sales or telemarking calls, support calls or incidents and more.  Events can be tied in to the Calendar function or even trigger reminder alert pop-ups or emails to prompt you that it is time to followup on an issue or sale.

An image field is available to store a picture of the person (for example in a club to identify the person), or other picture such as their logo for use on labels or letters.

Special instructions text can be entered for later printing on orders, reports or letters.

Track their birth date, spouses name, a password and access code (for example for an FTP/WEB site), a blanket purchase order number (for company purchases), and even additional miscellaneous information.

Several fields are available on this screen for tracking information that relates to membership date, version or membership history, and registration tracking.   For example, if you track support contracts or memberhsips, you can enter the initial date so you know when they became a member, and keep their expiration date so you know when their contract ends.  The expiration date can pop-up an alert when you attempt to enter an event for a support call.   Historical information can also be saved such as old versions, dates or even notes, in case you need to review what their club membership level was and on what date it changed.


There are several pages to our customer screens, all easily accessible via the tabs across the top, or using the next/previous arrows at the bottom.  These pages may contain additional information or functions if you choose to take advantage of them. 

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