POS/OE 4 iPhone Press Release

E.E.S. Announces iPhone Real-Time Wireless Integration Service for its Premier Business Application Products
By: Scott Szretter (PRWEB)
Friday, Nov 30 2007, 11:35am

E.E.S. Companies, Inc., a developer of integrated business operations software, today announced a new service that allows POS/OE 4 version 8 customers to run their business operations using the Apple iPhone

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This service will allow remote users to interact with their POS/OE 4 system in real time and view CRM data using their iPhone. For example, with the iPhone, they can create or access customers/contacts and create or modify data for sales or service tracking. This service will allow employees to quote their customers an inventory price and availability on the back nine or enter their sales order while viewing their warehouse and determining their needs virtually anywhere in the world. Business owners or managers can enjoy more time away from the business, but not be out of touch. They can view financial data such as daily sales and activity, user log-in information, and telephony data. Customers can choose the functionality that is important to their business with this a la carte service for the iPhone platform and POS/OE 4 system.

Since inception, E.E.S. has pioneered many cutting-edge technologies and innovative products for Macintosh and Windows. The company's flagship product, POS/OE 4 Mac, is used by small to medium-sized companies, organizations, and colleges/universities. POS/OE 4 can support a single user as well as more than 100 users in a single location or multiple locations. It includes functionality for ERP, CRM, Retail/POS, Mail Order, Credit Card Processing, Inventory Control, Accounting, eCommerce, and more.

"For over 18 years, we have addressed--and we will continue to address--the needs of the Apple Mac and Windows marketplace with the our robust business operations system. Now we are empowering users of the iPhone platform, and we will continue to develop innovative solutions to help your business grow. Our customers are very excited about the new iPhone integration, especially business owners who frequently travel and have multiple location stores," said Henry Szretter, CEO of E.E.S. Companies, Inc.

For more information, iPhone Service (http://new.eesco.com/iphone) E.E.S. Companies, Inc. (www.eesco.com) 508-653-6911