POS/OE 4 Portable Scanner Options

Pictures of the portable scanners available for use with the portable scanner option in POS/OE 4:

Basic portable scanner and charger / communications base (option):  

basic portable scanner basic scanner charger communications base

Scan and batch upload in fast, easy steps to speed product ordering and inventory management.   This unit is small and light enough to keep with you all day long, inconspicuously tucked out of the way in a pocket, yet ready to go to work in an instant. This unit has a rechargeable battery (over 100 continuous hours between charges).  Laser style reader.  User-friendly interface and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen.  Base is USB.


Enhanced scanner, optional base, and optional trigger/grip accessory add-on:

enhanced scanner enhanced scanner base enhanced scanner trigger grip

Combined barcode scanning and 13.56 MHz RFID capabilities.  Laser style imager.  Up to 400 hours of operation between charges (batch mode).  Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD touchscreen.  Multiple 1.5 m drops onto concrete (5 drops on each side) / IP64.    Charger Base: Recharge mobile computer battery and a spare battery at the same time while transmitting/receiving data.   Pistol/Trigger Grip: Intuitive, ergonomic trigger-and-scan operation makes scan-intensive applications easier and more comfortable.


Additional scanner options may be available, contact EES for more information.



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